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Re-cladding Your Multi-Residential Building and Keep Your Tenants Comfortable With Solar!

Released on Dec 16 2015

Source: Monster Commercial

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Article Text:
Windsor Essex Community Housing Corporation manages 4,700 units of affordable housing in over 732 buildings throughout the City of Windsor and County of Essex.  The multi-residential building located at 2455 Rivard Dr in Windsor was scheduled for a building re-cladding in 2014 as the building envelope was suffering from localized deterioration, air infiltration, and moisture damage.  This is very common in brick buildings that have gone through several decades of freeze/thaw cycles.

The Solution:
An Exterior Insulated Finish System (EIFS) was specified for the building façade and a SolarWall® Flat Panel system was specified for the southeast and southwest-facing stairwell walls.  The SolarWall system is a solar air heating technology that also acts as a second skin for a building. It draws in outside air through tiny micro-perforations in the surface of the wall collector and heats that air before it is ducted into the building’s HVAC system. This reduces the conventional daytime heating load on the building.

A 10,745 ft2 (1,000 m2) black SolarWall system was installed on the two south-facing walls. The particular SolarWall system specified was a hidden-fastener flat panel system designed to maintain a smooth monolithic appearance, suitable for high-end architectural buildings. Nevertheless, in terms of capital costs, the SolarWall system ended up being less expensive on a per square foot basis than the EIFS system on the other areas of the building – without even factoring in the ongoing energy reductions – so it was heralded as an all-round stellar economic & environmental solution for the City.

Combining aesthetics with functionally; a flat-panel SolarWall® system was installed in a multi-residential building re-cladding project for the City of Windsor. The architectural SolarWall system spans over 10,000 ft2 on both the southeast and southwest walls. It greatly enhances the appearance of the building, creating a sleek and modern façade that will generate heat energy onsite and reduce operating costs while protecting the 30+ year old building. “As leaders in social housing, we look to partners in our pursuit of continuous improvements...I am proud of our efforts in maintaining and improving our buildings and the SolarWall as part of our overarching plan has proven to be the perfect complement, in upgrading our building envelopes with a vision of improving energy management and our bottom line on operating costs.” ~ Mr. Jim Steele, CEO Windsor Essex Community Housing Corporation

The Results:
The SolarWall system on Rivard Dr. will displace over 1.4 million cubic meters of natural gas over its 40 year lifespan.

This was the second multi-residential SolarWall system for the City of Windsor.  The first system was also installed for building re-cladding purposes in the 1990s and to this day, it remains one of the tallest SolarWall systems in the world, measuring over 20+ stories.

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