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Utilisations et applications SolarWall

Le système de chauffage de l'air thermique solaire SolarWall répond à toutes sortes d'utilisations et d'applications, du séchage industriel de récoltes (comme le tabac ou les noix) au chauffage et à la ventilation de bâtiments industriels et commerciaux. Voici quelques exemples d'applications du système SolarWall:



"Conserval Engineering has developed a solar technology that combines simplicity of design with technological ingenuity, and the market has responded strongly... Conserval is a world leader in innovation... As clean,  energy-efficient technologies, Conserval’s products contribute to the stabilization of greenhouse gas emissions.  Conserval’s excellence in transferring these technologies to the marketplace serve as an example for other Canadian companies."
-Anne McLellan, former Federal Minister of Natural Resources Canada