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SolarWall® Air Heating System Reviews and Testimonials

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SolarWall System Reviews

Peel Regional Paramedics Service Station SolarWall"The integration of Solarwall into a complex façade is an indication of the versatility and adaptability of the product.  Detailing is no more difficult than with any metal siding product and the benefits are extraordinary, given the straight forward  detailing of the installation and operational ideals  presented by Solarwall.

The assimilation of the Solarwall façade within the architectural language of the project is a welcome relief to other solar  technologies that tend to overwhelm the design and budget constraints that most projects need to respect.  And given that we must provide a skin to the exterior wall assembly, the fact that Solarwall provides a “working” skin, makes this choice an easy and responsible decision."

~ Carol Kleinfeldt, Principal, KMA Architects


With the SolarWall® system, we project to annually displace over 35,000 m3 of natural gas, offset over 74 tons of CO2 emissions and thus significantly save on our heating bills. In addition to the benefits directly related to solar heating, a ventilation enhancement has immediately and significantly improved air quality in the factory providing our employees a healthier working environment.”.
~ Cicame Énergie Inc.


"The [SolarWall] collector is the most reliable, best performing, and lowest cost solar heating system for commercial and  industrial buildings available on the market today"
~ United States Department of Energy


"The SolarWall has been rated in the 'top two percent of energy related inventions' "
~ United States Department of Energy


"The simplest, most efficient - and least expensive - way to preheat outside air for industrial and commercial applications is through the use of a perforated-plate absorber or a solar air heating system such as the SolarWall."
~ Natural Resources Canada


goodyear"The SolarWall people have done a very professional job of installing the equipment, it has been absolutely no trouble and we are projecting annual savings of $21,675 in natural gas costs alone, and we are also benefiting from reduced negative pressure in our building. I would recommend SolarWall to anyone who has a need for heated replacement air in their facility."
~ Dave Hammel, CEM, Maintenance Manager, Goodyear Tire, Medicine Hat


"Our gas and electric bills are ridiculously low compared to our other facilities.  Our gas supplier said we had better get our meter checked because it shows we are using way too little gas."
~ Demetrius Tsafaridis, President of Steelcare


"SolarWall keeps on winning.”
~ Canadian Consulting Engineer Magazine


"What this wall does it provide you with tremendous amounts of heated fresh air for free... This is a really cost effective way of improving the work place.”
~ Ken Rossi, Manager of Plant Engineering, Ford Motor Company, Oakville Assembly Plant


GTAA SolarWall picture"We specified SolarWall for the Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute after speaking with the representatives of the firm. They attended early meetings with the design team, assisted in the preparation of documents required for LEED® certification and were at all times enthusiastic and supportive of the team and the project. I know that for the sustainable construction industry to really achieve their goals, we need innovative manufacturers, suppliers and installers like the SolarWall team."
~ Carol Kleinfeldt, B.Arch., MOAA, MAAA, FRAIC, LEED A.P. Partner, KMA Inc.


"This system works!...We are saving money because the gas heaters haven’t been on."
~ Windsor Housing Authority

"Our building has blond brick fascia, so the dark brown SolarWall makes a nice contrast.  The design was stylized to have a bit of pizzazz to it with the angle on the side.  The building was very institutional looking, and we used the SolarWall to give it a bit of architectural interest."
~ Tony Mancuso, St. Louis County Property Management

"This is a product I really believe in, it meets so many of our needs, and it makes perfect sense to use it here….[Conserval] is taking the energy-saving product to the next level, making it a science, rather than an art, by engineering and designing a system for a specific application."
~ Bill Keohane, President of Steeltech


"The SolarWall system showcases our government’s commitment to address climate change issues."
~ Robert Bisson, Governor of Manitoba Housing Authority


"Put your walls to work... thanks to an ingenious development, the south wall on almost any type of industrial building can be made to generate heat and lower energy costs."
~ Woodworking Magazine


"Say Kyoto three times fast and what do you get? Solarwall."
~ The Calgary Herald


"Calgary is blazing a trail.  Here’s an example that Kyoto can save money, create work and new investments and save energy without costing us anything."
~ City of Calgary Alderman, Bob Hawkesworth


"Improving air quality and comfort without increasing space heating costs was a real challenge, especially in our climate, but the SOLARWALL system did just that.  And besides routine care such as oiling the fans, the system is practically maintenance free... cold spots and drafts were eliminated and the fresh air situation greatly improved. Workers are happy with good air quality and even air temperatures”
~ Alois First, Plant Engineer, BOEING


"Solar success story.  The long time dream of economically harnessing the sun’s power as a reliable heating source for structures has risen into the high noon of practical reality.”
~ Ron Richardson, Editor, Plant Management & Engineering Magazine


"We highly recommend this system... it is well built and designed for industrial use.”
~ Ranger Metal Products


"This collector exhibits the highest known efficiency for an active solar heating system.”
~ Dr. Chuck Kutscher, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)


"Conserval Engineering has developed a solar technology that combines simplicity of design with technological ingenuity, and the market has responded strongly…..Conserval is a world leader in innovation….As clean,  energy-efficient technologies, Conserval’s products contribute to the stabilization of greenhouse gas emissions.  Conserval’s excellence in transferring these technologies to the marketplace serve as an example for other Canadian companies.”
~ Anne McLellan, former Federal Minister of Natural Resources Canada


"Municipalities are in it for the long term.  It’s a good investment for government funded agencies.  A lot of agencies’ mechanical systems are beyond their life expectancies and this is good opportunity to easily tie in renewable savings with modern equipment.  This [SolarWall] project shows that we are trying to be leaders in the renewable energy field.” 
~ Robert Bisson, Governor of Manitoba Housing Authority


"Nothing special was needed with SolarWall.  We just got the energy and cost savings.  The SolarWall system results in 80,000 - 100,000 kwh savings per year.  And this project is repeatable – you could do the same project with respect to standard budget for any school.” 
~ Laurier Nichols, engineer at Dessau Soprin


"[N]ow I use the SolarWall [system] to preheat the intake air which heats the new gym.  It’s great; we’ve added a great big double gym, but our energy costs have remained the same!”
~ Jim Domina, Coquitlam School Board, British Columbia


"Knowing that we’re doing something like that is important.  Teachers use it in their energy units.  When the kids go outside and look at the SolarWall, they’re surprised that something as plain and simple as that can do what it does. The students that know it’s there are proud of it."
~ Weledeh Catholic School in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories


"Ford’s new wall is a breakthrough in solar heating.  The concept is so simple you’d wonder why no one thought of it fifty years ago."
~ Toronto Star


"[I]t’s like free gas for your car...We were using metal fascia anyway, and there was a conventional ventilation system.  Just by adding the SolarWall panels, it became this solar thing that lets them save energy and money.  Like I said, it’s like backing up to a free gas pump."
~ Dave Stafford, architect at Thurston Design

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SolarWall PV/T Reviews

"People are concerned about the appearance of things that get put on a roof. Chimneys and skylights are normal.  It’s human nature.  If you aren’t used to seeing something, it feels uncomfortable.  With my place (2005 winner of the Sonoma-Marin Best Large Home Remodel Award) I took special precautions to make sure it looked good.  I designed it [Solarwall PV] to work with the architecture  and I get nothing but compliments."
~ George Beeler, Architect at AIM Associates


"We were interested in maximum efficiency as well as aesthetics.  The SolarWall PV installation accomplished both goals at the same time.  We’re very pleased with the final product."
~ Peter Arnold, The Chewonki Foundation

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Solar Crop Drying Reviews
"To dry the nuts, I need air that’s 110°F, so if ambient is 80°F, then I need a 30 degree heat gain. I’ve got 600,000 cu. ft./min. of air to heat, so at night, when things cool down here, I use a lot of natural gas! I looked for ways to reduce my energy costs and found SolarWall. Now there are times when I don’t need to run natural gas at all because I’m getting enough heat from the SolarWall panels on the roof to shut off the burners… What I like about it [SolarWall], it’s simple. There’s no maintenance, no moving parts. Once you set it up it’s real simple."
~Ron Keyawa, Keyawa Orchards
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