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"This system works!... We are saving money because the gas heaters haven’t been on."
-Windsor Housing Authority


SolarWall® Solar Heating Systems for Multi-Residential Buildings

diagram solarwall for multiresidential buildings

Most jurisdictions require common areas and hallways in multi-residential facilities (condominiums, apartments, senior living centers, etc) to be continuously ventilated and pressurized to satisfy fire codes. Heating this large volume of air with conventional means is expensive, which is why many housing authorities and condo developers are including SolarWall® systems in both new and retrofit buildings.

In retrofit applications, SolarWall systems are one of the few technologies that can be easily integrated into existing high-rise buildings. And for older buildings, a SolarWall system will also acts as a rain screen, as well as providing on-site renewable energy.

The SolarWall technology is ideal for building remediation purposes when exterior cladding has to be replaced. With a normal building re-clad, in order to increase the insulation quality for the building, the exterior bricks are often removed from the building and new insulation is added. With SolarWall installations, the system itself represents an upgrade to the wall, so the need to remove all the exterior bricks is now eliminated, because the SolarWall system is just installed over the existing bricks. As well, the R-value of the SolarWall system is so high that it becomes unnecessary to add any additional insulation which further augments the ROI of the system, when compared against conventional re-clad.

Featured SolarWall Case Study for Multi-Residential Buildings

Windsor Essex Community Housing type: pdf | size: 328 kB

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solarwall windsor community housing heating solar system air Year: 2014
Location: Windsor, Ontario
Summary: 10,000 ft2 SolarWall® Flat Panel system creates a smooth monolithic appearance, suitable for high-end architectural buildings, in a multi-residential building re-cladding project. The system was also less expensive than the Exterior Insulated Finish System (EIFS) on the rest of the building, creating a stellar economic & environmental solution.