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"Nothing special was needed with SolarWall.  We just got the energy and cost savings.  The SolarWall system results in 80,000 - 100,000 kwh savings per year.  And this project is repeatable – you could do the same project with respect to standard budget for any school."
-Laurier Nichols, engineer at Dessau Soprin, referring to an ASHRAE award winning school


SolarWall® Solar Heating Systems for Institutional Buildings

Schools and community centers are ideal candidates for solar heating, and SolarWall® systems have been used by numerous school boards.   ASHRAE states that each student requires a minimum of 15 cfm of fresh air, and it is costly to heat this large volume of ventilation air using conventional methods.  Schools operate during the daytime when solar energy is available, making solar heating of fresh air one of the best applications.

Showcasing the best solar technologies is of significant educational value.  Many school boards recognize that installing solar systems onsite serves as an educational tool to instruct students about the renewable energy technologies that will become mainstream in their lifetime.

Featured SolarWall Case Study for Institutional Buildings

CANMET - Materials Technology Laboratory (LEED® Platinum) type: pdf | size: 100 kB

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solarwall technology materials canmet heating air solar building Year: 2011
Location: Ontario
Summary: The design and orientation of the building were made for optimal SolarWall® performance. The south facing grey colored 7590 ft2 SolarWall® system was perched on a 53 degree tilt for maximum performance  (responds to the sun's azimuth during the winter months).