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"What this wall does is it provides you with tremendous amounts of heated fresh air for free... This is a really cost effective way of improving the work place."
-Ken Rossi, Manager of Plant Engineering, Ford Motor Company, Oakville Assembly Plant

SolarWall® Solar Heating for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

SolarWall® systems have been used on a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications around the world. SolarWall systems help end users to:

SolarWall at the GTAA
SolarWall project at Toronto’s International Airport combines the best of functionality & form; winning numerous awards and being featured on TV & in major corporate ad campaigns.
  • Cost-effectively deploy solar energy system on their buildings and in their process operations
  • Achieve meaningful reductions in their heating costs, thereby lowering ongoing operating costs for the next 20+ years
  • Use the building-envelope efficiently as part of the solar collector
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Generate up to 10 LEED® points
  • Maintain a desired architectural style for their buildings
  • Fulfill their Corporate Green Strategy  by achieving sizable energy reductions and GHG reductions

Most industrial facilities require a high volume of make-up air to satisfy indoor air quality standards. This incoming air can be preheated with a SolarWall system before entering the building, which decreases the load on the traditional heaters. This generates significant energy savings – typically in the range of 20-50% of heating fuel consumption. SolarWall systems are sized to meet the energy & ventilation requirements of the facility, bringing in anywhere from 2 to 10 cfm per square foot. Since the SolarWall technology heats fresh air, it ensures a high level of indoor air quality.

solarwall walmart wal-martThe SolarWall technology is a repeatable energy solution and is easily adapted to meet site conditions. It is building integrated and has no maintenance associated with it, other than the normal upkeep on the ventilation fans. As well, it can remedy many heat stratification issues that plague large buildings. Many industrial facilities can have stratified air at ceiling height that is up to 30F (15C) warmer than at the floor. Incorporating a SolarWall fan and ducting system into the design can result in significant energy savings and a more even indoor temperature.

Bettering the Bottom Line: The energy component of a company’s operating budget is often one of the most under-targeted areas for cost reduction. Given the volatile nature of conventional energy prices, corporations are starting to realize that cutting long term energy costs can be one of the easiest ways to reduce expenses and free-up money that can be put to more profitable uses.

SolarWall systems produce the best ROI of any solar technology, as verified by extensive monitoring, usage, and satisfied clients over the past 20 years.