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SolarWall® Solar Air Heating Applications

The SolarWall® solar thermal air heater system has a myriad of uses and applications. Ranging from solar process drying of crops such as coffee and nuts, to solar space heating and fresh air ventilation for industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-residential buildings. View examples of SolarWall applications below:

Commercial & Industrial

Solar Air Heating

Warehouses | Distribution | Factories


Solar Air Heating institutional

Schools | Hospitals | Recreation Centers


SolarWall military

Aircraft Hangars | Vehicle Garages


Solar Air Heating and electricity cogeneration modular rooftop solarduct pvt solarwall

Apartment Buildings | Condos

Agriculture | Drying

Solar Air Heating

Barns | Animal Shelters | Poultry Coups | Crop and Process Drying


Solar Air Heating Government

Utilities | Water & Sewage Treatment Plants | Courthouses | Vehicle Maintenance Garages


"Conserval Engineering has developed a solar technology that combines simplicity of design with technological ingenuity, and the market has responded strongly... Conserval is a world leader in innovation... As clean,  energy-efficient technologies, Conserval’s products contribute to the stabilization of greenhouse gas emissions.  Conserval’s excellence in transferring these technologies to the marketplace serve as an example for other Canadian companies."
-Anne McLellan, former Federal Minister of Natural Resources Canada