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SolarWall 2-Stage - High Performance Solar Air Heating

View the record-breaking temperatures rises of 36-100 °F ( 20-55 °C) above ambient being delivered from recent SolarWall 2-Stage installations!

SolarWall at the Beijing Olympic Village at night illuminated by LEDs
Up to 50%+ More Thermal Energy
Independent testing and field applications have shown that SolarWall 2-Stage will deliver up to 50+% more energy than a conventional SolarWall system, with temperature rises over 100°F being achieved on a regular basis.

SolarWall® 2-Stage is the latest version of the SolarWall® technology and is more suited to solar space heating applications. It builds on the technological success of the original solar air heating system, generating substantial economic and environmental benefits.

SolarWall® 2-Stage has been configured to deliver a higher temperature rise – up to  36-100 °F ( 20-55 °C) above ambient temperature. It is also ideally suited for windy locations and roof-mount projects. [And as the wind speed increases, the energy output of the 2-stage system will continue to increase relative to the conventional SolarWall system.] It operates on the same premise as the original SolarWall® technology in that outside air is heated and drawn into an air cavity via tiny mirco-perforations in the SolarWall collector. With the 2-Stage system, the air is then heated a second time (which boosts the temperature rise) as it passes though a second stage of the system. The solar heated air is then directed into the building’s ventilation system - or through a dedicated SolarWall fan & ducting system - where it is distributed throughout the building.

SolarWall 2 Stage temperature with wind speeds

Features & Advantages

  • solarwall 2 stage fort drumHigher energy output that substantially lowers heating bills
  • Delivers significantly more thermal energy (as much as 50%) than a conventional low-flow SolarWall® system
  • Heats air 36-100 ˚F (20-55 ˚C) above ambient on a sunny day
  • Maintenance free
  • Up to 10+ LEED® Points
  • Heats fresh air and improves indoor air quality
  • Destratification savings for industrial buildings
  • Provides both space heating & ventilation air heating
  • Huge reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Building integrated - variety of colours


SolarWall 2 Stage Diagram


Featured SolarWall 2-Stage Case Study:

Plattsburgh International Airport type: pdf | size: 202 kB

Location: Plattsburgh, New York
Project Completed: 2011
solarwall plattsburgh heating solar system air 2-stageSummary: The SolarWall® 2-Stage system uses the standard unglazed SolarWall for the lower portion of the wall, with the top SolarWall portion of the unit (2nd stage) covered by polycarbonate glazing.  It is attached to the walls by framing materials, which are spaced to provide optimized channels for air flow between the SolarWall and the wall.

More Information on SolarWall 2-Stage

Below is the SolarWall 2-Stage leaflet that contain additional information on the SolarWall 2-Stage high performance solar air heating system.