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Federal and Provincial Solar Incentives for Canada

The SolarWall system qualifies for provincial credits/rebates/tax exemptions. Hover over your province below to view a sample of the incentives available in your area.  For a complete list of incentives visit the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) website. If you have questions concerning any of the credits/rebates/grants, feel free to contact us.

Provincial Incentives for SolarWall solar air heating systems

Learn about Gaz Métro's solar air heating rebate that covers up to 75% of a SolarWall installation.
Le programme chauffage solaire de Gaz Métro vous offre jusqu'à 75% des coûts d'une installation SolarWall

Eco Performance (gov)

Learn about Hydro Quebec's Buildings Program
Le Programme Bâtiments d'Hydro Québec vous offre en moyenne 15c/KWh d'électricité économisée.