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Download SolarWall® Air Collector Brochures

The SolarWall brochures below are available for download in PDF format. A PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader is required. Additional technical information is available in the Architects and LEED® section.



Product Information Sheets
SolarWall 2-Stage - High Performance Solar Air Heating Systemtype: pdf | size: 2 MB
SolarWall - Solar Air Heating Systemtype: pdf | size: 1 MB
SolarDuct and SolarDuct PV/Ttype: pdf | size: 1 MB
SolarWall PV/T and SolarDuct PV/Ttype: pdf | size: 2 MB
SolarWall - Process Dryingtype: pdf | size: 1014 kB
SolarWall - Solar Air Heating for Agriculturetype: pdf | size: 972 kB
NightSolar - Solar Air Cooling Systemtype: pdf | size: 936 kB
SolarWall Brochure - Europetype: pdf | size: 649 kB
3-Part CSI Formatted Spec
SolarDuct Single-Stage 3-part Spec (DOC)type: doc | size: 155 kB
SolarWall Two-Stage 3-part Spec (DOC)type: doc | size: 159 kB
SolarDuct Two-Stage 3-part Spec (DOC)type: doc | size: 159 kB
SolarWall Single-Stage 3-part Spec (DOC)type: doc | size: 154 kB
SolarDuct Single-Stage 3-part Spectype: pdf | size: 232 kB
SolarWall Two-Stage 3-part Spectype: pdf | size: 235 kB
SolarDuct Two-Stage 3-part Spectype: pdf | size: 237 kB
SolarWall Single-Stage 3-part Spectype: pdf | size: 231 kB
Color Charts and Profile Specifications
Color Chart SW150/SW150R (North America)type: pdf | size: 595 kB
Color Chart SW200 (North America)type: pdf | size: 384 kB
Profle Spec SW150R (North America)type: pdf | size: 2 MB
Profle Spec SW150 (North America)type: pdf | size: 2 MB
Profle Spec SW200 (North America)type: pdf | size: 1 MB
Color Chart SW300 (Europe)type: pdf | size: 726 kB
SolarWall Fans (Europe)type: pdf | size: 1 MB
SolarWall and LEED®​ (Leaflet)type: pdf | size: 1 MB