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SolarWall® with Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs)

Designers have asked whether SolarWall® solar heaters and heat recovery ventilators (HRV) can work together and, if so, what are the advantages. The answer is SolarWall systems work well with HRV’s, especially with LEED buildings.  

Heat recovery to preheat fresh air may be required to meet the new energy efficiency codes and when designing to these minimum codes, no LEED points are obtained. One must go beyond the minimum requirements and save or generate more energy. It must be realized that only so much energy can be saved and at some point energy must be produced. If you are considering the LEED point for 30% increased ventilation, then renewable energy can play an important role and LEED also allocates additional multiple points for providing this energy from renewable sources.

Please keep in mind that there are design considerations with Heat Recovery Systems and incorporating solar heating may, in some cases, be a lower cost solution than installing more or higher efficiency HRV’s.   HRV’s require:

Combining SolarWall to preheat HRV’s is actually a synergistic solution. Advantages of the two technologies working together include:

Typical solar energy production with SolarWall HRV combination is an additional 30% over HRV’s for daytime ventilation heating (when buildings are typically occupied).