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Conserval's SolarWall® Solar Air Heating & PV/T Systems

SolarWall Air Heating

Solar Air Heating

Solar air heater systems

SolarDuct Air Heating

Solar Air Heating solarduct solarwall modular rooftop

Modular rooftop solar air heater

SolarWall 2-Stage

High performance Solar Air Heating

High performance solar air heating

SolarWall Process Drying

Solar Air Heating

Solar process & crop drying

NightSolar Air Cooling

NightSolar solar cooling system

Solar air cooling systems


Solar Air Heating and electricity cogeneration modular rooftop solarduct pvt solarwall

Hybrid heating + electricity


The high efficiency SolarWall® technologies, developed by Conserval Engineering, have been serving clients around the world since 1977. SolarWall® solar air heating and ventilation systems are world renowned as the most efficient solar system to heat buildings (also available in a modular roof mounted version; SolarDuct®).  Our SolarWall Photovolataic / Thermal (PV/T) system provides a total energy solution which produces both electricity and heat energy - and doubles as a PV racking system - with a much faster payback then a stand alone PV system. The SolarWall crop/process drying system greatly enhances commercial and agricultural drying operations by using the power of the sun to dry crops or products in lieu of expensive fossil fuels. We also provide industrial fans and ducting to compliment our SolarWall systems.