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SolarWall with Heat Recovery Systems

Author: John Hollick, Conserval Engineering
Designers have asked whether SolarWall® solar heaters and heat recovery ventilators (HRV) can work together and, if so, what are the advantages. The answer is SolarWall systems work well with HRV’s, especially with LEED buildings.

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Solar Cooling with NightSolar®

Author: John Hollick, Conserval Engineering
A NightSolar® system provides year round usage with winter heating and summer cooling. NightSolar® utilizes the most efficient and proven solar technology, the SolarWall® transpired collector, in an unique configuration to also take advantage of nocturnal radiation cooling, a previously ignored cooling phenomena. This unique design has additional benefits as it ventilates and shades the roof covering the main roof in darkness all day long and preventing unwanted summer heat from reaching and conducting through the roof. With most roofs responsible for half of the cooling load, a NightSolar system in many cases can reduce the cooling equipment size in half and the associated energy costs.

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USDA - Solar Energy Use in U.S. Agriculture Overview and Public Policy Issues

Source: USDA, Office of the Chief Economist, Office of Energy Policy and New Uses, April 2011 (Page 37)
Irene M. Xiarchos; is a Natural Resource Economist and Policy Analyst at the Office of Energy Policy and New Uses, Office of the Chief Economist of the USDA.
Brian Vick; is the Lead Scientist of the Renewable Energy group at the Conservation and Production Research Lab of the Agricultural Research Service of the USDA

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An Evaluation Of Solar Air Heating [SolarWall] At United States Air Force Installations

Author: David S. Brown, Captain, USAF AFIT/GCA/ENV/09-M03
Department Of The Air Force Air University - Air Force Institute Of Technology

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PV Thermal Systems; The Untapped Energy

Author: John Hollick, Conserval Engineering
A landmark paper on the benefits of PV thermal cogeneration systems was presented on July 11 at the 2007 American Solar Energy Society Conference in Cleveland.

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Solar Heating Basics

Source: John Hollick, Conserval Engineering
"The SolarWall® system heats ventilation air , fresh air and make-up air. It heats fresh air directly to achieve as high an efficiency as possible and to improve indoor air quality. The SolarWall systems are unglazed, and are all designedto heat or preheat outside air as it enters a building."

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Solar Buildings - Transpired Air Collectors, Ventilation Preheating

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory
"This R&D 100 Award-winning technology is the product of the practical initiative of Conserval - a private solar heating and energy conservation company that markets the technology as SolarWall©"

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Transpired Solar Collector (Ventilation Preheating)

Source: U.S. Department of Energy
"This very simple solar collector passively preheats ventilation make-up air via a large, unglazed solar collector. These collectors are most effective on south-facing building facades, though significant deviation off true south (plus-or-minus about 60 degrees) results in only minor loss of performance. The Canadian company Conserval Engineering, Inc., has pioneered this system under the tradename Solarwall."

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Solar Air Heating for Municipal Buildings

Source: Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) in association with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
"The city estimates that they will save $10 million per year when all the buildings have been upgraded with new technologies. There will also be an increase in the comfort level within the buildings and a reduction in long-term maintenance costs, as technologies such as SOLARWALL are maintenance free."

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SolarWall - A Fresh Way To Cut Combustion Crop And Air Heating Costs Avoids Million Btu Purchases

Source: Office Of Industrial Technologies Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - U.S. Department Of Energy
"Conserval’s Solarwall systems capture solar energy to preheat air, greatly reducing fuel demand by combustion systems and saving energy and money while maintaining or increasing ventilation, preheating industrial combustion air, or fully heating air for crop  drying. The secret is in—or more precisely through - the holes."

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