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ArcelorMittal and SolarWall®: A Path to Achieving Europe’s 2020 Energy Targets

Cologne, 22 March 2016 – ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steelmaker, today announces SolarWall®, a solar air heating system, for the German market. This innovative technology is a highly effective solar air heating system that displaces up to 50% of a building’s space heating expense.

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SolarWall® Air Heating Technologies Certified by Solar KEYMARK

Dec 17, 2015 – Two solar KEYMARK certificates have been issued for the SolarWall® air heating technologies. This is a significant event in the world of renewable energy because the Solar KEYMARK certification has been instrumental in helping to drive the uptake in solar thermal technologies across the European Union. Up to now, mainly water heating systems have been certified under the EU’s Solar KEYMARK program, despite the fact that space heating and process heating can represent up to +50% of a building’s energy demand.  This means that for the European Union’s 20% Renewable Energy targets to be successful, technologies that displace space heating are an essential requirement.

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Solar Cooling Patent Granted to SolarWall® Inventor

December 2, 2014 - The U.S. Patent Office has granted SolarWall® inventor, John Hollick, patent #8,827,779 titled "Method and Apparatus for Cooling Ventilation Air for a Building". The invention uses a transpired solar collector to take advantage of a well-known phenomenon called nocturnal radiation cooling which can cool air below ambient from sunset to sunrise.

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SolarWall® Honored along with Edison, Ford and the Panama Canal in American Society of Mechanical Engineers Exhibit

New York City: May 30, 2014: SolarWall® inventor John Hollick has been honored in an exciting new exhibit curated by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) that features the best inventions, inventors and engineering feats of the past two centuries, including Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, George Westinghouse, Willis Carrier, the steam engine and the Panama Canal. 

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Building-Integrated Solar Air Heating Systems Hit Milestone
WASHINGTON, DC – According to data released today by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), a growing sector of the industry has reached a major milestone, with 5 million square feet of building-integrated solar air heating collectors now installed in North America.
SEIA President and CEO Rhone Resch says these systems represent 250 megawatts (MW) of thermal energy and displace nearly 100,000 tons of CO2 each year from the atmosphere.
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ArcelorMittal and SolarWall®; A Path to Achieving Europe’s 2020 Energy Targets

Paris, France: January 28, 2014 – ArcelorMittal, one of the world’s largest steel companies announced today that it will be working with Conserval Engineering, the world leader in Solar Air Heating to promote their SolarWall®  technology in Europe.  Under this agreement, the SolarWall technology will be manufactured by ArcelorMittal Construction in France at Haironville, for SolarWall Europe sarl. Both companies will promote the SolarWall technology as a cost-effective solar system that offers a meaningful solution for meeting Europe’s 2020 Energy Targets.

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Solar Pioneer Conserval Engineering achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification

April 9, 2013 - The Conserval group of companies is proud to announce that all of their locations (Conserval Engineering Inc. of Toronto, Canada, Conserval Systems Inc. of NY, USA, and SolarWall Europe Sarl. of Paris, France) have achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification by an accredited registrar.

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ASHRAE Technology Award Recognizes Innovation at New NREL Building

January 16, 2013 - The  new NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) Research Facility in Golden, Colorado has been named the recipient of a 2013 Technology Award from ASHRAE.  These prestigious awards recognize outstanding achievements in the area of building design and technology integration that serve as a model to other ASHRAE members.   The new NREL complex is the preeminent national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy and it was singled-out for recognition because of its success with building-integrated energy systems, including a flagship 8,600 ft2 SolarWall® air heating and ventilation system that spans the south façade.

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Conserval Engineering Wins Prestigious SME Award in France

Toronto, December 14, 2011 —  Conserval Engineering and SolarWall Europe have been named the recipient of a 2011 SME Canada-France award in a ceremony in Paris that was attended by the Honourable Ed Fast, the Canadian Minister of International Trade and Minster for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, and Pierre Lellouche, France’s Secretary of State for Foreign Trade.

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Toyota Motor Manufacturing France Installs SolarWall® System

Valenciennes, France: June 22, 2011 — Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF) has inaugurated a SolarWall® installation at its facility in Valenciennes, France which produces the Yaris (Vitz) for Europe. The SolarWall® technology is a solar air heating system that uses the sun’s energy to heat ventilation air for commercial and industrial buildings. It substantially reduces traditional heating fuel expenses and GHG emissions. This technology, developed by Conserval Engineering, will help TMMF with their commitment to deploy renewable energy to reduce CO2 emissions.

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