What is Solar Air Heating?

SolarWall®: Now honored as one of the 9 best energy inventions of the past two centuries by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The SolarWall® technology is a solar air heating system that heats building ventilation air and improves indoor air quality. SolarWall systems deliver huge life-cycle cost savings and require no maintenance over their 30+ year lifespan. They displace 20-50% of the traditional heating load & corresponding GHG emissions. The result is a superstar technology in terms of its economic & environmental impact. SolarWall systems can be used on walls or roofs for a variety of uses and applications, from solar heating buildings, to agricultural and manufacturing process drying. Architects and engineers enjoy the fact that the SolarWall technologies generate up to 10+ LEED® points and are easily integrated into the building envelope.

CO2 Reductions & Solar Heating

Indoor space heating & ventilation heating represent one of the largest usages of energy in buildings. Solar air heating systems provide a direct source reduction of GHG emissions by reducing this fossil-based energy, making it an essential component of CO2 reduction strategies. To date, Conserval has supplied & designed millions of square feet of SolarWall systems around the world; eliminating tens of thousands of tons of CO2 every year.

About Conserval Engineering

Conserval has been delivering solar space heating systems to an extensive client base throughout the world for over 30 years. We are the company that developed and commercialized solar air heating for commercial, industrial, institutional, military, multi-residential and agricultural applications. The technology we invented, known as "SolarWall", was praised by the U.S. Department of Energy as being in the "top two percent of energy related inventions", with a solar efficiency over 80%. As the SolarWall technology came to define the global solar air heating sector because of its efficiency and return on investment, our other new products - SolarWall® 2-Stage & SolarWall® PV/Thermal - are also shifting energy paradigms for ultra-high temperature rises & solar cogeneration systems. Conserval is regularly involved with award-winning and/or LEED® projects that use the SolarWall technologies for their exceptional attributes in the areas of solar energy & architectural versatility.

Mission Statement

Continue to be the global market leader in the renewable energy sector we created - solar air heating - for the benefit of our clients and the planet.

SolarWall Cinema

Featured Case Study

Peel Region Paramedics Station2016 CanSIA Solar Thermal Project of the Year. KMA was the lead architecture firm for the new Peel Region Paramedics Station. The facility had a very large heating load, and like any architect, KMA had a choice in terms of whether to design a conventional building with a conventional building envelope & standard heating system, or, to design an energy-forward building with on-site solar heating integrated. More cases.