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The SolarWall Foundation

The SolarWall Foundation has been established by John Hollick, founding partner in Conserval Engineering and his wife Judith Hollick, to support their vision of utilizing solar heating on buildings such as schools, universities, hospitals and community centers. Hollick believes that most buildings can benefit from on-site solar energy production and that is the goal of The SolarWall Foundation, to provide funding for solar energy systems to both reduce usage of fossil fuels for generations to come and for children at solar heated schools to experience and learn about the benefits of solar energy.

The SolarWall Foundation recognizes the financial challenges to achieve these goals. With donations from individuals and other Foundations, solar energy can become a part of the world’s energy future.
For more information on gift options and how to provide a donation that gives for decades, please contact The SolarWall Foundation.

A Typical SolarWall Foundation Project

The SolarWall Foundation receives donations from individuals and corporations which are pooled together with existing funds to finance a solar heating project. Donors at the Silver and Gold levels may request that their funds be allocated to a specific project.

The Trustees of The SolarWall Foundation will select suitable recipients for a SolarWall heating system and then make arrangements with each recipient to initiate a project. Funds are transferred to the recipient once a contract has been signed between the recipient and Conserval Engineering Inc.

Conserval looks after the entire process including initial evaluation, building selection, equipment procurement, installation and final commissioning. This one source responsibility for solar projects has been provided to Clients for over thirty years and  the turnkey approach ensures a properly engineered and installed solar heating system.