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Memorable SolarWall® Highlights



  • SolarWall® inventor John Hollick honored by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) as one of the best inventions and inventors of the past two centuries, alongside Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, George Westinghouse, Willis Carrier, the steam engine and the Panama Canal.
  • ArcelorMittal announces it will be working with Conserval to promote the SolarWall® technology in Europe. Under this agreement, the SolarWall technology will be manufactured by ArcelorMittal Construction in France at Haironville, for SolarWall Europe sarl.


  • Conserval Enginering Inc, Conserval Systems Inc, and SolarWall Europe Sarl have been assessed and registered as conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The quality management system is applicable to the supply of custom engineered (SolarWall®) solar air heating and hybrid PV/Thermal systems and solutions.
  • ASHRAE Technology Award for new NREL facility in Colorado for its use of innovative technology, including an 8,600 ft2 SolarWall® system


  • Hood River Middle School (located in Oregon, USA), which includes a hybrid SolarWall® PV/T system, named as one of American Institute of Architects (AIA) Top Ten Green Projects of 2012
  • Bluenose Academy in Nova Scotia wins the Solar Thermal Project of the Year Award from the Canadian Solar Industries Association for its use of the SolarWall® technology and solar water heating.



  • Owens Corning wins Solar Thermal Project of the Year Award by the Canadian Solar Industries Association ( CanSIA ) for their two SolarWall® systems at their Toronto manufacturing facility.
  • SolarWall® PV/T technology wins Renewable Energy World Award for Best Building Integrated Technology


  • John Hollick and Conserval Engineering, Inc, inventor of the SolarWall® and SolarWall® PV/Thermal technologies, are named a "Champion of Green" and recognized for their contributions in advancing the green economy and building a world-class green energy sector by the Province of Ontario
  • SolarWall Europe Sarl. opens in Paris, France
  • Conserval Systems wins 2009 Technology Award for SolarWall® technology, and receives commendation from NY Governor Patterson and the State Assembly


  • Conserval’s SolarDuct® and SolarDuct® PV/T modular rooftop solar systems win the First Place Reader’s Choice Award from Metal Construction News
  • Conserval Engineering launches SolarDuct®; a new line of rooftop solar air heating and PV/thermal systems
  • SolarWall technology wins World Green Business Award under the category of "Best Use of Product Design" for a Prologis Sainsbury Distribution Centre in Northampton, England


  • SolarWall PV/T combination system officially launched
  • Greater Toronto Airport Authority and architect Carol Kleinfeldt of KMA win the 2007 Solar Thermal Project of the Year Award by the Canadian Solar Industries Association for the innovative integration of a SolarWall® system into the GTAA’s new Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute.
  • Over 1000 SolarWall systems installed in 25 countries



  • Conserval invited by Japanese government to display SolarWall technology at Kyoto climate change conference


  • Bombardier installs the world's largest solar air heating system in Montreal with over 100,000 square feet of SolarWall panels


  • SolarWall technology receives awards from Popular Science, R&D Magazine, Natural Resources Canada, the Manning Awards, Toronto Construction Association, and the Swiss Solar Prize.


  • United States Department of Energy rates the SolarWall transpired solar collector in the top 2% of energy inventions


  • Conserval Systems opens in Buffalo, NY


  • First of seven large SolarWall installations completed for Ford Motor Company


  • Conserval begins focusing on industrial energy projects and solar heating; develops the original SolarWall air heating system


  • Conserval Engineering, Inc. is formed