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Thousands of SolarWall® Projects in 35+ Countries

SolarWall case studies provide examples on how companies, institutions, and municipalities have used the SolarWall technologies to achieve a variety of goals, such as reducing energy costs, greenhouse gas (GHG) displacement, improved indoor air quality and educational awareness.

There are a number of ways to view our Case Studies; browse our cases on Google Maps, search and filter through our cases using a dynamic table or scroll through them by category below. 

Case Categories:

SolarWall Systems | Agriculture & Process Drying |  SolarWall PV/T

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There are two options to view the SolarWall case studies; you can download the PDF (requires a PDF reader; such as Adobe Reader) or view the case study online (requires HTML5 or Flash).

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Agriculture & Process Drying
Xin Zheng Feng Li Food Companytype: pdf | size: 196 kB

fruit jujubes drying  solarwall Year: 2000
Location: China
Summary: The 600 ft2 system was installed on the south roof of a nearby building. The solar energy is incorporated as the heater for the drying air of the new tunnel dryer,  which uses a tray and rack system for uniform drying.

Biowarme Klein St. Power Planttype: pdf | size: 95 kB

Biowarme austria plant power Year: 1999
Location: Austria
Summary: The solar air collector has generated very positive results at the power plant. The fans have a capacity of 7200m3/hour, and the solar radiation can produce drying temperatures in excess of 60ºC.

Malabar Tea Dryingtype: pdf | size: 444 kB

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tea drying malabar Year: 1994
Location: Malabar, Indonesia
Summary: One of the most interesting solar applications is drying tea leaves. The leaves are dried at the wilting state where half of the moisture is removed.

SolarWall PV/T
JMSB, Concordia University (LEED® Registered)type: pdf | size: 140 kB

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John pv solarwall university concordia business of school molsonYear: 2009
Location: Montreal, Canada
Summary: In 2007, plans for the construction of a brand new facility that would house the business school were underway, and the Solar Buildings Network at Concordia proposed the idea of demonstrating a new state-of-the-art hybrid solar technology - SolarWall® PV/Thermal - developed by Conserval Engineering. The John Molson School of Business featured the first SolarWall PV/T System in Canada.

2008 Beijing Olympic Villagetype: pdf | size: 94 kB

SolarWall pv village olympic beijingYear: 2008
Location: Beijing, China
Summary: The Olympic Park Developer had a mandate to incorporate innovative green technologies into the 2008 Beijing Olympic Village.  As part of that mandate, Conserval Engineering’s SolarWall® and PV/TTM systems were chosen to be showcased on a central building in the Village.

AIM Associatestype: pdf | size: 188 kB

SolarWall associates aim for system pvtYear: 2002
Location: California
Summary: The lower section contains the SolarWall PV/T solar cogeneration system. The thermal component removes the excess heat generated by the PV array, and uses it for some of the heating purposes.

Chewonki Foundationtype: pdf | size: 111 kB

SolarWall foundation chewonki in installed systemYear: 2001
Location: Maine
Summary: To generate both heat and electricity, the  SolarWall PV/T solar co-generating system was installed on the south-facing sloped roof of the new building.

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