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Thousands of SolarWall® Projects in 35+ Countries

SolarWall case studies provide examples on how companies, institutions, and municipalities have used the SolarWall technologies to achieve a variety of goals, such as reducing energy costs, greenhouse gas (GHG) displacement, improved indoor air quality and educational awareness.

There are a number of ways to view our Case Studies; browse our cases on Google Maps, search and filter through our cases using a dynamic table or scroll through them by category below. 

Case Categories:

SolarWall Systems | Agriculture & Process Drying |  SolarWall PV/T

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There are two options to view the SolarWall case studies; you can download the PDF (requires a PDF reader; such as Adobe Reader) or view the case study online (requires HTML5 or Flash).

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SolarWall Systems
Gottingen Utility Co-Generation Planttype: pdf | size: 124 kB

germany case solarwall Gottingen Utility Co-Generation Plant Year: 1992
Location: Germany
Summary: The building was over one hundred years old, and was scheduled for a retrofit. The wall paneling was being redone in an attempt to improve the appearance of the building. Instead of installing a conventional cladding system, they upgraded to the SolarWall metal wall system which would produce significant economic and environmental benefits for the utility.

General Motorstype: pdf | size: 267 kB

gm motors general installation SolarWallYear: 1991
Location: Toronto, Canada
Summary: An example of how one of GM's SolarWall heating systems has produced massive energy and CO2 savings (in excess of 1,200 tons) over the past 15 years.

Boeingtype: pdf | size: 79 kB

SolarWall at Boeing heating airYear: 1990
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Summary: The installation of a SolarWall heating and ventilation system at Boeing satisfied both the indoor air requirements for the union, and the cost savings objective for the management team.

Ford Motor Companytype: pdf | size: 344 kB

solarwall system installed at ford motorYear: 1987
Location: North America
Summary: Celebrating 20 Years of Solar Heating at 7 North American Plants and over $10 Million in Solar Energy Savings

Agriculture & Process Drying
Poultry Barnstype: pdf | size: 108 kB

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solarwall case coups chicken heated air solar Year: 2010
Location: Canada
Summary: The SolarWall system was sized to heat up to 20,000 cfm of air & will displace the  propane that is currently used at the facility, thus yielding a payback of approximately 5 years.

Rockland County Co-Compostingtype: pdf | size: 87 kB

Rockland County Co-Composting solarwall Year: 2008
Location: Ramapo, NY
Summary: At the time the project was approved in 2006, the cost of heating oil was $1.18 a gallon and the project had a payback period of under 10 years. As of 2008, the price of heating oil in NY state had tripled and was fluctuating in the range of $4 to $4.70 a gallon, resulting in a 3 year payback. Given the magnitude of the energy reductions, this highlights why the SolarWall technology offers such a compelling ROI in terms of hedging against volatile energy prices.

ActonVale Farm (Piggery Nursery Barn)type: pdf | size: 190 kB

Acton canada quebec farm piggery vale solarwallYear: 2007
Location: Quebec, Canada
Summary: The SolarWall system has produced excellent energy reductions by displacing over 30% of the propane usage at the farm.   This has translated into annual savings of over $4,000 (at 2007 propane prices). 

Richmond Fire Rescue Hamilton Firehall (LEED® Gold)type: pdf | size: 191 kB

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richmond solarwall bc in firehallYear: 2006
Location: Richmond, BC
Summary:  The Hamilton Firehall, with its innovative solar process drying application, is now able to dry fire hoses in an environmentally sound way. The SolarWall® system has reduced the amount of energy traditionally used for drying the hoses, with the added benefit of cutting GHG emissions and requiring no maintenance on its 30+ year lifespan.

Sonoma County Herb Exchangetype: pdf | size: 699 kB

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solarwal herb county sonoma heating air solar building Year: 2005
Location: California
Summary: It was a logical choice to use the SolarWall® technology in the drying process.  Not only does the solar technology provide uniform drying to the delicate crops, but it is also very cost-effective  since the fuel is free.

Sunsweet Dryerstype: pdf | size: 230 kB

sunsweet dryers solarwall agricultureYear: 2005
Location: California, USA
Summary: A 110 square meters (1,200 square feet) SolarWall system was mounted on the roof of three adjacent dryers and connected to one fan intake.

Coopeldos R.L. Coffee Dryingtype: pdf | size: 225 kB

SolarWall costa coffee r.l. coopeldos at drying crop solarYear: 2005
Location: Costa Rica
Summary: Natural Resources Canada provided cost sharing under its Climate Change Program to demonstrate the state-of-the-art SolarWall crop drying technology at this coffee cooperative.

Cafe Durantype: pdf | size: 174 kB

 drying crop solar duran cafe system  SolarWallYear: 2004
Location: Panama
Summary: The SolarWall technology has greatly improved the drying process at one of Panama’s largest coffee producers. Using the sun as fuel – instead of the traditional wood - ensures that the coffee producer does not contribute to deforestation or greenhouse gas emissions.

Keyawa Orchardstype: pdf | size: 165 kB

orchards keyawa at drying crop solar SolarWallYear: 2003
Location: California
Summary: The success of the SolarWall walnut drying system at Carriere lead to a second walnut drying project at neighboring Keyawa Orchards.

Carriere & Sonstype: pdf | size: 244 kB

carriere and sons system SolarWallYear: 2002
Location: California
Summary: Solar drying is displacing over 308 million BTU of natural gas during the two month walnut drying season at Carriere & Sons.

Kreher’s Poultry Farms (manure)type: pdf | size: 149 kB

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Kreher drying process farms poultry Year: 2002
Location: Buffalo, NY
Summary: The air for drying is first passed over the chickens in order to preheat it, and then solar heated air is added to increase the emperature.  A natural gas heater can supplement the heat if necessary.  The air is then sent through the manure drying building.  On sunny days the natural gas heater can shut down with all of the heated air being provided by the SolarWall panels.

Kaveri Agri-Care Pvt. Ltd.type: pdf | size: 83 kB

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solarwall  coir india drying process Year: 2001
Location: Hassan District, India
Summary: The SolarWall coir peat solar drying system has relatively long operating hours and operates at moderate temperatures. It displaces about 14% of the heating fuel, yielding a 2 year payback.

Gelé Chicken Farmtype: pdf | size: 69 kB

Gelee canada quebec farm chicken Year: 2001
Location: Quebec, Canada
Summary: This unique solar drying application has translated into annual savings of $8000 (at 2001 natural gas prices). It is also reducing greenhouse emissions by 30 tonnes each year.

Xin Zheng Feng Li Food Companytype: pdf | size: 196 kB

fruit jujubes drying  solarwall Year: 2000
Location: China
Summary: The 600 ft2 system was installed on the south roof of a nearby building. The solar energy is incorporated as the heater for the drying air of the new tunnel dryer,  which uses a tray and rack system for uniform drying.

Biowarme Klein St. Power Planttype: pdf | size: 95 kB

Biowarme austria plant power Year: 1999
Location: Austria
Summary: The solar air collector has generated very positive results at the power plant. The fans have a capacity of 7200m3/hour, and the solar radiation can produce drying temperatures in excess of 60ºC.

Malabar Tea Dryingtype: pdf | size: 444 kB

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tea drying malabar Year: 1994
Location: Malabar, Indonesia
Summary: One of the most interesting solar applications is drying tea leaves. The leaves are dried at the wilting state where half of the moisture is removed.

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