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Thousands of SolarWall® Projects in 35+ Countries

SolarWall case studies provide examples on how companies, institutions, and municipalities have used the SolarWall technologies to achieve a variety of goals, such as reducing energy costs, greenhouse gas (GHG) displacement, improved indoor air quality and educational awareness.

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Case Categories:

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There are two options to view the SolarWall case studies; you can download the PDF (requires a PDF reader; such as Adobe Reader) or view the case study online (requires HTML5 or Flash).

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SolarWall Systems
Gymnasium Lagorssetype: pdf | size: 821 kB

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solarwall  toyota heating air solar building Year: 2009
Location: Fontainebleau, France
Summary: After careful consideration of a variety of different products, Fontainebleau decided that the SolarWall® air heating technology would provide an optimal solution to assist with their renewable energy and GHG emission goals.

Fred Douglas Placetype: pdf | size: 198 kB

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fred  solarwall residential multi douglas Year: 2009
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Summary: The final SolarWall® design consisted of 6 columns (5 south-facing, 1 west-facing) integrated into the high-rise building between the windows.  The system is Metro Brown (closely matching the window surround) and spans 3,555ft2 over 14 stories.

Northern Arizona University Distance Learning Center (LEED® Silver)type: pdf | size: 201 kB

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Northern Arizona University Distance Learning Center LEED Year: 2009
Location: Flagstaff, Arizona
Summary: In order to achieve LEED® status they implemented a variety of green technologies. The most prominent green technology being a south-facing SolarWall® solar air heating system.  The  SolarWall® system was chosen because it provides fresh solar heated ventilation air in the winter, and acts as a shading screen during the summer.

Stevens Point Municipal Airporttype: pdf | size: 143 kB

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Stevens Point Municipal Airport solarwallYear: 2009
Location: Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Summary:  Stevens Point Mayor Andrew Halverson praised the new SolarWall® installation stating "We want to be a leader in sustainability issues," and the project was a way for the city to put "its money where its mouth is" on energy-saving and environmentally friendly projects.

Jaguar / Land Rover Academytype: pdf | size: 182 kB

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Land Rover Academy Jaguar solarwallYear: 2009
Location: Leamington Spa, England
Summary:  When Jaguar / Land Rover set out to renovate an existing building into a technical training academy one of their primary objectives was to showcase sustainability in building design; a SolarWall® solar air heating system was chosen to meet the building’s sustainability and fresh air ventilation goals.

Assiniboine Credit Uniontype: pdf | size: 177 kB

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Assiniboine solarwall manitoba winnipeg union creditYear: 2009
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Summary:  One of the most visible green technologies is the ACU’s SolarWall® solar air heating system. The black SolarWall® is emblazed with the ACU logo that is visible at the front of the building. This wall is so well integrated into the building design that it is often believed to be a stylized architectural feature. 

Elipse BLC, Latviatype: pdf | size: 309 kB

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Elipse  blc riga latviaYear: 2009
Location: Riga, Latvia
Summary: The completed SolarWall® system is one of the largest in Europe, delivering more than 1MW of thermal energy and projected to displace over 400 tons of CO2 each year.

Flin Flon General Hospitaltype: pdf | size: 212 kB

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hospital general Flin FlonYear: 2009
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Summary: The SolarWall® system at the Flin Flon General Hospital is projected to displace approximately 1,523 GJ of energy a year, and reduce CO2 emissions by 106 tons annually. This is the equivalent of taking 21+ cars and light trucks off the road.

MDS Nordiontype: pdf | size: 85 kB

MDS Nordion solarwallYear: 2008
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Summary: As part of MDS Nordion\'s award winning green environmental policy, they sought out the finest technologies with proven results in reducing energy consumption & greenhouse emissions. After analyzing the technology (meeting all of their criteria, plus an attractive ROI) a SolarWall was approved in late 2007 and completed in 2008.

Greater Sudbury Housing Corporationtype: pdf | size: 110 kB

Sudbury housing multi residential solarwallYear: 2008
Location: Sudbury, Ontario
Summary: The SolarWall system is projected to displace approximately 2,162GJ of energy a year, and reduce 186 tons of CO2 emissions annually. Displaced heating cost savings were estimated at over $23,200 per year at 2007 energy prices.

Sainsbury Distribution Centertype: pdf | size: 1 MB

pineham distribution sainsbury  solarWallYear: 2008
Location: Pineham, UK
Summary: The SolarWall air heating technology was awarded a 2007 World Green Business Award in the category of "Best Use of a Product Design" for its involvement in the Pineham Sainsbury Distribution Center.

US Military - Fort Drumtype: pdf | size: 476 kB

US Military - Fort Drum solarwall Year: 2008
Location: New York
Summary: The world's largest collection of solar air heated buildings, generating 4MW of thermal energy and displacing 2,000 tons of CO2/year, is now found at the U.S. Military Base of Ft. Drum.

Greater Toronto Airport Authority (LEED® Silver)type: pdf | size: 744 kB

SolarWall in authority airport toronto greater at building certified silver leedYear: 2007
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Summary: One of the most architecturally striking SolarWall projects on an award winning LEED® Silver Certified building at the Toronto International Airport.

Krause Planttype: pdf | size: 375 kB

 krause poland installation  SolarWallYear: 2007
Location: Poland
Summary: The installation of Europe’s largest solar air heating system has just been completed in western Poland. With 2,000 square meters (over 20,000 square feet) of solar paneling, this system alone will displace 65 tons of CO2 each year, yielding a payback of less than 5 years.

PotashCorptype: pdf | size: 251 kB

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solarwall Potash Corp pot ash solar air heatingYear: 2006
Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Summary:  PotashCorp, being at the forefront of their industry, sought out SolarWall, the leader in the solar thermal air heating industry for a practical, environmentally friendly way to manage their fresh air ventilation needs.

Hibbing Courthouse Annex (LEED® Certified)type: pdf | size: 129 kB

Hibbing annex courthouse solarwall system leedYear: 2006
Location: St. Louis County, Minnesota
Summary: The Hibbing Courthouse Annex was designed to be a "Green Building" that used less energy, and was more efficient to operate. The Hibbing Annex was a positive re-use of an existing facility, made better by new technology, such as Conserval Engineering’s SolarWall, the world leading solar air heating and ventilation system.

3M Canadatype: pdf | size: 95 kB

solarwall manufacturing ontario perth 3mYear: 2006
Location: Perth, Ontario
Summary: The SolarWall air heating technology was a perfect fit for 3M Canada’s Perth manufacturing plant. The facility required fresh ventilation air, and with the SolarWall system, the air is preheated from the sun, reducing heating costs and fossil fuel consumption - simultaneously saving money and working towards environmental objectives.

United States Militarytype: pdf | size: 405 kB

USA Military solar air heating SolarWallYear: 2006
Location: Throughout the USA
Summary: SolarWall installations for the U.S. Army, Air Force, and Navy over the past 10 years

German SolarWall Projectstype: pdf | size: 2 MB

German case system solarwallYear: 2006
Location: Germany
Summary: Celebrating 15 years of manufacturing the SolarWall technology in Europe. A sample of some of the many SolarWall projects in Germany over the past 15 years - and the energy and CO2 savings that have accompanied these renewable energy systems.

Erlangen City Halltype: pdf | size: 556 kB

SolarWall hall city erlangen for systemYear: 2005
Location: Germany
Summary: How one municipality in Germany is using solar energy – specifically SolarWall – at their City Hall to reduce 6 tons of CO2 emissions each year, while adhering to the “Green Heat” objectives set out by the European Union.

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