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Thousands of SolarWall® Projects in 35+ Countries

SolarWall case studies provide examples on how companies, institutions, and municipalities have used the SolarWall technologies to achieve a variety of goals, such as reducing energy costs, greenhouse gas (GHG) displacement, improved indoor air quality and educational awareness.

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SolarWall Systems
Peel Regional Paramedic Service Stationtype: pdf | size: 692 kB

SolarWall Peel Region Paramedics Station Year: 2016
Location: Peel, Ontario
Summary: 2016 CanSIA Solar Thermal Project of the Year. KMA was the lead architecture firm for the new Peel Region Paramedics Station. The facility had a very large heating load, and like any architect, KMA had a choice in terms of whether to design a conventional building with a conventional building envelope & standard heating system, or, to design an energy-forward building with on-site solar heating integrated.

Windsor Essex Community Housingtype: pdf | size: 328 kB

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solarwall Windsor Essex Community Housing solar air heating system Year: 2014
Location: Windsor, Ontario
Summary: 10,000 ft2 SolarWall® Flat Panel system creates a smooth monolithic appearance, suitable for high-end architectural buildings, in a multi-residential building re-cladding project. The system was also less expensive than the Exterior Insulated Finish System (EIFS) on the rest of the building, creating a stellar economic & environmental solution.

NYC Transit, Mother Clara Hale Bus Depottype: pdf | size: 717 kB

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solarwall NYC transit mother clare solar air heating system Year: 2014
Location: New York City, NY
Summary: The solar component of the building is highly significant, as it represents the largest solar heated building in the city.  It will also showcase how solar can be seamlessly integrated into any type of architectural façade to produce on-site thermal energy using the building envelope. The end result incorporates into a state-of-the-art LEED® certified building that will architecturally enrich the surrounding area and highlights the widespread potential for GHG emissions reductions from solar heating.

Sherbrooke University Hospitaltype: pdf | size: 307 kB

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solarwall Quebec Sherbrooke University Hospital solar air heating system Year: 2014
Location: Quebec, Canada
Summary: The Sherbrooke University Hospital is the 4th largest hospital in Quebec with a staff of 10,000 people and 700 beds. The hospital embarked on a comprehensive energy upgrade program to reduce ongoing operating costs and lower their CO2 footprint. The energy efficiency firm Ecosystem was selected to oversee the $20 million energy upgrade program and they made recommendations on different technology solutions to address heating, lighting, cooling, and ventilation. Ecosystem guarantees the energy savings for their projects, so only well-established technologies were included in the upgrade program. A SolarWall® system was selected to provide solar heated ventilation air for one of the wings in the hospital.

Marks and Spencertype: pdf | size: 175 kB

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solarwall marks and spencer solar air heating system Year: 2013
Location: Castle Donington, Leicestershire (UK)
Summary: In May 2013 M&S opened its much anticipated giant 900,000ft2 distribution centre in Castle Donington, Leicestershire. The size of the building is equivalent to 11 stadium sized football fields, making it one of the largest distribution warehouses in the UK. The facility will handle all of M&S's online orders, processing up to two million items a week and employing 1,200 people. It is impressive to note that the facility is also carbon neutral. More impressively, the building is home to Europe’s largest SolarWall® system, which was an essential element of designing a cost-effective carbon neutral building of that size.

Cicame Energie Inctype: pdf | size: 103 kB

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solarwall cicame energy solar air heating system Year: 2012
Location: Quebec
Summary: Cicame Energie Inc. is a major supplier of connectors and accessories for power transmission lines. This industrial company was founded around 50 years ago, and operates in 17 countries and employs over 2000 people worldwide. In 2012, Cicame Energie examined ways to reduce their high heating costs at a new 100,000ft2 facility in Saint-Hubert.

Moss Park - Toronto Community Housingtype: pdf | size: 221 kB

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solarwall moss park toronto community housing heating solar system air Year: 2012
Location: Ontario
Summary: Multi-residential high-rise buildings are excellent candidates for SolarWall® air heating systems because they required continuous ventilation air in the hallways and common-areas. In addition to the renewable energy benefits, with these types of retrofit applications, the installation of the wall-mount SolarWall® system means that these buildings have effectively been re-clad, thus reaping a second building envelope benefit.

Plattsburgh International Airporttype: pdf | size: 202 kB

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solarwall Toyota heating solar system air Year: 2011
Location: Plattsburgh, New York
Summary: The SolarWall® 2-Stage system uses the standard unglazed SolarWall for the lower portion of the wall, with the top SolarWall portion of the unit (2nd stage) covered by polycarbonate glazing.  It is attached to the walls by framing materials, which are spaced to provide optimized channels for air flow between the SolarWall and the wall.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Francetype: pdf | size: 111 kB

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solarwall Toyota heating solar system air Year: 2011
Location: Valenciennes, France
Summary: The SolarWall® solar air heating system will heat the make-up air required in the manufacturing plant. SolarWall Europe Sarl. (headquartered out of France) met with TMMF and designed a 400m2 (4,305 ft2) black SolarWall® system that integrates into their ventilation system.

Avon Theatre; Stratford Shakespeare Festival type: pdf | size: 405 kB

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solarwall avon theatre solar air heating system Year: 2011
Location: Ontario
Summary: The Avon Theatre’s black SolarWall® system consists of three large walls; West (1,788 ft2); South (2,354 ft2); and East (1,120 ft2), which are all on the tower above the stage.

CANMET - Materials Technology Laboratory (LEED® Platinum)type: pdf | size: 129 kB

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solarwall technology materials canmet heating air solar building Year: 2011
Location: Ontario
Summary: This multi-award winning project was designed by globally-renown architecture firm of Diamond + Schmitt and features a large roof-angled 7,590 ft2 SolarWall® system. It was recognized on the coveted AIA (American Institute of Architects) list of Top Ten Projects of 2015.

Goodyear Tire (Medicine Hat)type: pdf | size: 164 kB

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GoodYear heating air solar building solarwall Year: 2011
Location: Alberta
Summary: The estimated reductions in GHG emissions is over 114 tonnes of CO2 per year. Goodyear already has a second SolarWall system in operation in Napanee, Ontario.

Dr. David Suzuki Public School (LEED® Platinum)type: pdf | size: 215 kB

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leed school public suzuki david dr. heating air solar building solarwall Year: 2010
Location: Ontario
Summary: The Dr. David Suzuki Public School features geothermal heating and cooling systems, solar PV panels, a windmill, grey water recovery & reuse systems, GPS tracking skylights, solar light tubes, and a highly reflective roof in addition to the SolarWall® system. It was the first and only educational facility in Canada built to a LEED® Platinum standard.

NREL - Research Support Facility (LEED® Platinum)type: pdf | size: 225 kB

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NREL solarwall air heating system Year: 2010
Location: Colorado
Summary: NREL’s RSF is the largest Net Zero building in the US with 800+ staff and aiming for LEED Platinum Plus rating from the USGBC. The RSF was designed to use 50% less energy than a standard office building, and incorporates a number of green innovations such as day lighting, natural ventilation, building integrated PV and a SolarWall solar air heating system.

Access Storagetype: pdf | size: 141 kB

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solarwall air solar building storage access Year: 2010
Location: Ontario
Summary: Collectively, Access Storage as a company has installed over 13,000 ft2 (1,300 m2) of SolarWall technology. The Heart Lake air heating system is the largest SolarWall project to date in the City of Brampton, and is projected to displace over 475 GJ of conventional energy each and every year.

Goldcorp’s Musselwhite Minetype: pdf | size: 156 kB

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solarwall mine musselwhite Year: 2010
Location: Northern Ontario
Summary: Goldcorp’s Musselwhite SolarWall® system is projected to offset 590 MWh (2,1420 GJ) of propane consumption (equaling $52,000 annual savings) and keep over 123 tonnes of CO2 (annually) out of the atmosphere.

Owens Corningtype: pdf | size: 162 kB

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Owens solarwall corningYear: 2010 (2nd wall), 2008 (1st wall)
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Summary:  The SolarWall® system at the Owens Corning manufacturing facility in Toronto, Canada was the largest SolarWall® / solar air heating system installed in North America in 2008

Place Nolintype: pdf | size: 175 kB

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air solar building residential multi nolin place solarwall Year: 2010
Location: Northern Ontario
Summary: Place Nolin’s south facing wall was available, making it both cost-effective and esthetically-attractive to design a SolarWall® system that wrapped around the entire south-east, south and south-west facing walls of the building. The color of the system was Oak Brown; to match the building’s existing exposed brick. The total size of the SolarWall® system is 4,435 ft2.

Toyota Car Dealership (Oviedo Spain) type: pdf | size: 160 kB

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solarduct spain toyota Year: 2010
Location: Oviedo, Spain
Summary: The installation for the Toyota dealership in Oviedo Spain is comprised of 30 SolarDuct® modules, organized in six rows, five modules per row. The total collector area is 66m2 (710 ft2), and is designed to heat 4000m3/h. The SolarDuct® system is estimated to reduce GHGs by 4.6 tons of CO2 each year, and deliver 60 GJ of renewable energy annually.

Auchan, Miskolctype: pdf | size: 126 kB

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solarwal heating air solar building Year: 2009
Location: Miskolc, Hungary
Summary: As a result of the success of the original SolarWall project in Miskolc, additional SolarWall systems are being installed at other Auchan facilities.

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